Mobile App Development in Melbourne

RECTmedia is trusted by various companies and brands in Melbourne to develop their mobile application.

We Elevate Enterprises Potential

We collaborated with Wipro Unza and Kubota Indonesia to innovate their R&D division, Sales division, and Purchasing division using mobile application. We’ve been working with various enterprises in Melbourne, to elevate their potential in mobile area. We love the dynamics and delights that our clients trying innovate further into mobile space.

We Help Launching Startups

Partnering with KliknClean has uplifted our services into the next level. KliknClean has trusted us to implement their business model by developing their whole web application and mobile application for their services. In order to create the best app, we need to comply the procedure and standard of the development and development methodology.

We Partner with Agencies

We are always open for mutual-partnership with digital agencies. It will always be an enjoyable work to collaborate for a challenging project. We have partnered with various agencies in Australia and Japan to develop our mobile application project.

How We Work

We work based on project requirements as our guidance. Creating solution from complex problem to produce front-end and back-end system and walk our partner through the whole process to bring the solution of our partner’s problem

Hybrid Methodology

A combination between waterfall and scrum is how we implement the project methodology in our workflow.

Based on Performance

Our goal is to help our partner to achieve their KPIs. The more value our partner get, the more it also benefit us.

User-centered Design

Every design of our project starts with designing the best usability for user, and combine it with latest mobile technology.

Now, do you have an compelling project?

Let’s collaborate and work on meaningful projects and build great apps. Drop your email and we will be in touch with you.

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